Sverige utifrån

Vem hade kunnat tro att Ikeas hemsida kunde bjuda på så underhållande läsning. På japanska Ikeas (och fler antar jag) hemsida kan man läsa om de galna svenskarnas speciella högtider och frianden. Mycket roande.

Om julen:
”During Christmas, eating is a very important activity in Swedish homes.”

”Swedes eat plenty of sweets all year around. But during Christmas, it gets out of control. All of a sudden homemade sweets are present 24/7.”

”There’s exactly 0% possibility that you will walk away from a Swedish Christmas table feeling hungry.”

”In Sweden, Santa Claus comes to visit on December 24th. But since Santa is a busy man, we sometimes have to do some of his job. (Please don’t tell anyone, but we actually dress up like him and play him.) But mom or dad can’t just leave home without a reason. That’s why we say that we’re going out to buy a newspaper.”

Om nyår:

”Just before midnight, we move outside and start our fireworks. Then we toast in Champagne, kiss and make promises for the new year. Three weeks later, the promises are typically broken.”

Om kräftskivor:
”The “kräftskiva” (crayfish party), usually held in August, is one of the most important social events in Sweden. Friends gather to feast on crayfish while wearing funny hats, singing drinking-songs and drinking snaps.”

Allt finns att läsa här och här 🙂



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